Summer Solstiz Art Show

We are honored to host female artist, Summer Solstiz on August 11, 2012…One Night Only.

This Art Show is part of Downtown Pomona’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Over 20 Galleries make up the Pomona Arts Colony. The Colony’s theme this month is celebrating the Goddess Pomona and will be full of female inspired shows. Come out to the Loft and take time to also visit our neighboring galleries and restaurants. Questions, call 909.547LOFT (5638).

Summer Muñoz, or Solstiz as she is known on the streets, was born on September 9th, 1980 in the small town of Turlock in the Central Valley of California.  Men have predominantly been the center of attention in the art world, but a recent rise in spectacular female artists has created a new movement that is opening people’s eyes and minds. Changing the art game in more ways than one, Summer leads by example, is an artist by trade and her critically acclaimed artwork demonstrate that she is a role model for both male and female artists. Combining her keen eye for design, skilled hands and social awareness, Summer has created countless stunning works of art, has gained popularity as well as a following of art lovers who frequent the shows Summer curates and the galleries across California where her art is displayed.

Summer started exploring paint at the age of 14 with leftover house paint.  In fear that she would get in trouble for painting on the walls, Summer painted her first mural in her closet.  After days of debating whether or not to show her parents, Summer finally was too excited to hide it any longer and revealed her secret.  Summer’s first murals were strongly influenced by Japanese artists and Mexican muralists and her art today still shows these influences.  At the age of 18, she moved to San Jose and became an art junkie completely immersed in the world of street art and graffiti culture. While living in San Jose, Summer was first exposed to stencil art by her close friend Ivan Gonzalez.  Ivan recognized raw talent and pure passion for the arts in Summer and introduced her to the art of stenciling. When her work began to pop up all over town, she slowly earned the reputation of being one of the best San Jose stencil artists. In 2005, her move Southern California brought Summer to the Pomona Arts Colony where she would open the Vox Populi Gallery followed by Gallery 475.  Summer is currently living and working in Los Angeles continuing to showcase her work in various galleries throughout California.

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