Like-Minded meets in the LOFT every 1st Saturday from 930a-1130a with the goal of inspiring and motivating young innovators to pursue their dreams with integrity and passion. Upon arrival, participants had the unique opportunity to hear from some of today’s most influential young leaders, like Keven Stirivant (Team Coach for LRG), Justin Sapp (Speaker, Co-Founder of Like Minded), and Kameron Peraud (Co-Founder Like Minded).

They believe that an online network is essential for daily progress and growth. However, they also understand that there is nothing more powerful than community, and the act of intentionally gathering to better oneself. The energy, focus, and physical nature of Like Minded’s gatherings are one of a kind, infusing fundamental actions with spirituality and determination. Participants had no choice but to leave empowered, encouraged, and connected. Some others who attend are Alana Dawn of Lady Art, Marcie Benjamins of Store 13, Fabian Pallares of Ayidya Collective Change, DJ PGXIII from LRG, Sumo Yoon from Truck Norris, Sean Sapigao from Raw Kulture Clothing, and more.

To find out more about Like Minded…hit up or call 626.641.3972.

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