The day that two people are joined together with the sincerest of words and passion, is a day that is uniquely theirs. Many couples are looking for the perfect environment to express their love to each other. One that is not the traditional, cookie-cutter ceremony location, but simply put, a unique space that celebrates your unique story. The LOFTon2nd is a creative gallery space located within the Pomona Arts Colony. We have a diverse community and we are supportive of all people. We do not discriminate.

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The LOFT is a unique space for unique weddings. Aged brick walls, century old wood floors, high-reaching picturesque windows, and an eclectic array of furniture.

“The Loft is more than just another wedding venue. It has the feeling of being sacred, yet non traditional.”

“We’re not sure any other space fit us better.”

Set up an intimate walk through and take a moment to discuss your ceremony and the vast possibilities we can offer you. Simply complete the contact form below and we will be pleased to connect with you concerning your ceremony.

We also offer additional Wedding Services (Showers, Receptions, Coordination, Invitations, Design, Consultations, etc.) in the LOFT and throughout Southern California (and beyond). The LOFT is perfect for more intimate ceremonies (10-100), however, if your plans exceed our space limitations, we can handle your event, no matter where it is. Visit CharaNicole.com to find out more.

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