Downtown Pomona Art Walk

Every month on the 2nd Saturday, the Art Walk brings big crowds to Downtown Pomona during what are traditionally the opening show receptions for over three dozen galleries, most of which are open from 6-9pm (although some open earlier and stay open later). The streets are filled with art lovers and foodies, who, in addition to experiencing what the galleries have to offer, can peruse a selection of street artists and vendors.

From the West 500 Block in the Edison Historic District, to Shaun Diamond Plaza, to the dA Center for the Arts, to the Historic Progress Building, the American Museum of Ceramic Arts, to Antique Row, to the Pomona Packing Plant…there is so much to experience.

For over 20 years, Downtown Pomona has been home to a vibrant arts scene that includes both mainstream and independent arts, with resident artists occupying live/work spaces in our historic buildings where they host cutting edge exhibitions and energetic poetry slams. Today, the expanding Downtown Pomona Art Walk is a living testament to the legacy Pomona established so many years ago and its continued commitment to forge a powerful collaboration between artists and community.

There’s no better way to experience the diverse showcase of the talents and vision that Downtown Pomona has to offer than the Art Walk. In fact, our Art Walk has been awarded “Best Art Walk” by the IE Weekly – even though we’re technically in LA County! Something for everyone…a Family Friendly evening Parking ranges from free to two dollars for the entire evening (make sure you check in at the parking meters). Thanks to Downtown’s Business Improvement District managed by the DPOA, our private security and local police (we two officers specific to Downtown every weekend) are always on the beat to keep things safe and secure.

Every 2nd Saturday, most shops, studios and restaurants open late, in fact, so come introduce yourself to the lively community that hundreds of artists have built and use as the launching pad for groundbreaking work. Visit for a mobile friendly walking map.