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Stacy Davies, art critic for OC and IE Weekly

August 8, 2014

Revitalization is the key to success, especially for an arts community. Mixing together the new with the established, and finding fresh ways to present the familiar, takes stamina and vision – and the Pomona Arts Colony continues to pump fresh life into its hallowed halls. Take the stylish vintage banners by Jason Christman that were recently installed throughout the Colony after his highly successful show at the Metro Gallery, and more is on the horizon as George Cuttress of the recently closed Main Street Gallery moves from artaficionada to cultural entrepreneur.

It’s all in motion – the new and the old – and in that vein, the Colony triumphantly welcomes the return of Xavier Christopher Hernandez, one of Pomona’s favorite sons, with his new series of works on display at the LOFTon2nd. “From the Mind of Xavier Christopher Hernandez” isn’t just a description, it’s a warning, because if you’ve never seen Hernandez’s offbeat and maniacally-detailed renderings, which include bar sketches as well as images on panel and canvas, we dare you not to be both dazzled and dazed.

July 10, 2014

Down the street at LOFTon2nd, nine artists come together in “Reverie & Memory.” Curated by Jordan Mullen and spotlighting work from Azusa Pacific University, Master of Fine Arts students, Katy Gilmore, Mary Song, Nancy Hines, Lucinda Chalmers, Cindy De Mesa, Elizabeth Hornbeck, Justin Evans, Rachel Farrington, and Jordan Mullen, the exhibit explores the many facets of the human experience and how they manifest themselves as memory.

June 11, 2014

The Main Street Gallery continues the adoration of the nature of humanity in Carolyn Allbaugh’s “Reflexion Dangereuse,” a series of bronze figures that distinctly tap into the our mortal condition and physiology, and 57 Underground joins the thread of growth and change with “Metamorphosis,” a celebration of 15 years of exhibitions featuring painting, sculpture, fiber arts, clay sculpture, printmaking, photography, and mixed media by Sharon Algozer, Caesar Alzate, Jr., Lisa Brugger, Karen Duckles, Desiree Engel, Georga Garside, Russ Huff, Mary Hughes, Ken Johnson, Mervyn Seldon, and Doug and Yi-li Chin Ward. LOFTon2ND brings in a Pomona legend, Vicky Thomas, showcasing her brilliantly crafted jewelry, as well as sculpture and watercolors.

February 8, 2014

The LOFTon2nd is no slouch when it comes to merging great art with great observances, however, and in honor of Black History month offers up “We Journey” featuring photography from Trellis Evans, paintings by John Lee and metal sculpture by Dan Romero; all new works that pay tribute to the progress and foundations of the African American experience.

September 12, 2013

Besides the changing (somewhat) of the seasons as the end of the year approaches, reflections on what has passed are always in order. Finding that connection to the journey forward from the foundation of the past is a spiritual enterprise and two shows coincide with that traditional and often monumental task. “Urban Alchemy: DaVinci Meets Basquiat” at the LOFT by Chara Nicole presents the figurative work of Jelani Ticum Lateef whose focus is “the symbolic relationship between the celestial realm and the Urban Alchemist,” and at 57 Underground, Jeanne Andersen, Georga Garside and Sharon Algozer exploring “Spiritual Journeys” through abstraction, fiber art and Byzantine iconography.

August 8, 2013

Local pride continues in a big way over at the LOFT’s “Beautiful Pomona: Ode to a Mural,” a group show curated by Joshua and Chara Swodeck featuring riffs on the Thomas Plaza mural “Pomona Envisions the Future,” a stunning project put together by Cheryl Bookout and Kevin Stewart-MaGee back in 2002 that was executed by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman with contributions by Pomona artists Chris Toovey, Athena Hahn, Joy McCallister and over 75 others. It’s Pomona’s most impressive and famous artistic feature to date, so it’ll be fascinating to see what artists Erns ValdezChristian OrnelasDan RomeroRichard NunezEric NewbernChara SwodeckJohnnie DominquezNathan Neighbor, and Shelly Bruce come up with. (Written by Stacie Davies for Visual Arts Source)

June 6, 2013

Also going retro, the LOFT on 2nd presents “Paperwork,” a look at the funky and meticulously crafted paper collages of Fred One Litch, all fabricated from his vast collection of vintage books and magazines, which means you’re probably in for a lot of old timey pictures of TVs, hairspray and hotdog ads – yay!

May 8, 2013

Over at The LOFT, “The Art of Movement” celebrates dance as art via photographer Ian Elston whose images of the USC Repertory Dance Company and USC Chamber Ballet capture the “beauty of form and passion” according to curators Josh and Chara. In addition, select students from the School of Arts and Enterprise (SAE) will perform various live dances throughout the evening reception.

March 5th, 2013

Spring is the time to usher in the new and honor the seasoned, and both tributes can be found, first, in the lush and timeless paintings of 83-year-old Australian artist Robert Morgan in “The Works of Robert Morgan” at the LOFT by Chara Nicole

February 7th, 2013

Joshua and Chara Swodeck of The LOFT also look at representations of the common man and woman – specifically, of color – in “We Journey: A Black History Month Art Exhibit,” featuring the vibrant works of Demar Douglas, Nychole Owens and John Barge III.

January 11th, 2013

Over at the LOFT by Chara Nicole, Abraham Jove Santos curates the work of Alexandera Godoy in “She Will Evaporate,” a photographic exhibition of things that slither.

October 13, 2012

One thing that’s not a folly, is reducing air pollution by riding your bike, and over at The Loft by Chara Nicole, Daniel J. Romero curates himself and some like minded artsy cyclists (including his dad, artist Dan Romero) into “iHearts Bikes,” which pays homage to the Pomona Valley’s two-wheelin’ culture through photography, metal sculpture, retired bikes and storytelling.