Art Walk: Stigma One

LOFTon2nd is proud to host Stigma One. World renown graffiti, tattoo and traditional artist known for his unique style of script writing and portrait. Stigma One opens up his BlackBook to show a series of sketches and drawings.

Usually, the public only gets to see his finished work on large walls, bodies, and canvas. During this one night only show, we get a glimpse into the mind of Stigma One. See finished and unfinished sketches and drawings, many of which have evolved into large murals throughout the world. Continue reading “Art Walk: Stigma One”

Summer Solstiz Art Show

We are honored to host female artist, Summer Solstiz on August 11, 2012…One Night Only.

This Art Show is part of Downtown Pomona’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Over 20 Galleries make up the Pomona Arts Colony. The Colony’s theme this month is celebrating the Goddess Pomona and will be full of female inspired shows. Come out to the Loft and take time to also visit our neighboring galleries and restaurants. Questions, call 909.547LOFT (5638).

Continue reading “Summer Solstiz Art Show”